Wildlife Photography Courses for Beginners

Taking you from beginner to Skilled Wildlife Photographer in just a few hours.  We help you turn those blurry, average animal snapshots into sharp, beautiful wildlife images that you will be proud of.  Taking pictures of animals requires the right equipment, the right knowledge, the ability to know which setting or lens to use to achieve sharp, eye-catching images, quickly and knowledge of their behaviours.

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From bees to bears, your pet cat to Wild Cats and a whole host of both UK and overseas wildlife, Maria uses her hard-won experience to help those starting out to develop confidence and easy-to-understand knowledge quickly in a friendly, fun way to be able to understand:-

  • Gettings to Grips with Those All Important Camera Settings
  • How Best to Approach Your Subjects
  • Capturing Speed both on the Ground and in Flight
  • Understanding Environments
  • Essential Equipment to Capture Different Subjects
  • You Also Receive Your Own Personalised Camera Tip Guide

You'll never get a blurry bug or beast shot again and I'll always be on-hand to guide you, wherever you are.  PLUS before each photography outing you go on, you're welcome to simply get in touch and we can have a quick refresher of your camera settings to make sure that you are confident and ready for your trip of a lifetime.

Learn Wildlife Photography in Dorset

The course comes with a small group guarantee - just two people per course to guarantee you make the most out of the day and leave feeling confident and excited that you know exactly how to make your camera work the way that you want it to.

Learn Wildlife Photography in Dorset


If you are tired of relying on "Hit and Hope Mode" and coming back with more blurry images than sharp ones of your favourite animals, this is the course for you.

The course is completely tailor-made to your camera and set-up and explores all the different options and equipment that is available to you to give your images more punch and get your friends raving about them on Social Media.

Full Day starting at 10 am - 4 pm including a Practical Session - £95 

Teas/Coffees and Light Refreshments included